Web hosting and design

You may have thought to yourself that thesatch.com looks pretty plain. This analysis would be correct!! I have put the majority of my time and effort into developing www.stpaulin.org I can't really claim a whole lot of development as it was an awesome template I found called tempera. However, check it out if you


Am still rather new to wordpress. However, I've found it super simple to install on Ubuntu 12.0.4 and the free templates are amazing.  I just installed jetpack to see what functionality it adds to the site. You can check out www.thesatch.com www.stpaulin.org and soon to be wordpress www.greensburgfop.com I'm also considering building a site

Linode VPS

Recently I moved several websites over to a VPS Provider. I chose Linode due to the wealth of tutorials provided and the decent price. You can checkout www.stpaulin.org and www.greensburgfop.com If you have questions or want something hosted feel free to email me at